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Smoky SMaSH
Smoky SMaSH
Product image 1Smoky SMaSH
Product image 2Smoky SMaSH

Smoky SMaSH

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Smoky SMaSH

3.4% VOL | 5 EBC | 21 IBU

The word is SMaSH: an acronym that stands for Single Malt and Single Hop. This Polish beer has a history of at least 700 years, it was almost extinct until 20 years ago. It is slightly fruity and dry with a hint of smoke. Fresh and exciting, perfect for the upcoming warm weather. The beer is the result of a collaboration with experienced brewers Piet Tuinema and Peter Wester, who have perfected the recipe.

HOPE Limited Edition

Straight from our test brewery inlab-44. This limited-edition brew is a masterpiece of our brewers. A combination of knowledge, skill and a bit of luck. Looking for the perfect beer with a special taste! We think it turned out well!

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