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Beer brewery tour

Visit our brewery and see, smell and taste how our beers are brewed. Get to know our craftsmanship! During the tour you will see the brewhouse with the boilers, the fermentation and lagering room and the bottling plant. Our employees explain how the different beers are made and are happy to answer all your questions. Anyone who knows how it is made also wants to know how it tastes. After the tour you get a tasting board with four different specialty beers. Of course you can also opt for a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of soft drink if you wish. The costs for the tour are € 14.75 including a sample board or two non-alcoholic drinks. Participation is free for children up to the age of 5, children from 6 to 17 can join the tour for €8.50 (excluding drinks).



You can book a tour in advance and is for a minimum of 2 people and the maximum group size is 15 people. In the restaurant it is possible to order a sample board with HOOP or beer from one of our regular guest brewer's beers between 11 am and 11 pm. You will then be served four of our delicious beers in a tasting glass. We would like to surprise you with surprising combinations of beer and food; it is therefore recommended to order four different snacks 'perfect pairing' at the tasting. A tasting of 4 beers costs € 9.75 p.p., with matching snacks € 19.75 p.p.


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