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HOOP brewery


Opposite the centuries-old mills on the Zaanse Schans on the Zaan river is the only brewery in the Zaan region; Hope Brewery. Here, characterful beers are brewed with local ingredients, which are accessible yet special. Hoop beer symbolizes the Dutch intransigence. Tasty beers, accessible but with character. Each solid beer has its own name, taste and story related to the Zaan history.

Now, ironically, Hope is also a huge symbol for the times in which we live. Our adage 'Hope is Life, Life is Drinking' unexpectedly and reluctantly takes on a very topical meaning. In other words, there is always Hope!

Brewery Hoop opened its doors in May 2016. Founded by Paul Riteco and Steven de Cleen, 2 traditional Zaandam friends who grew up in the Zaan region and were always inspired by the Zaan food print and the rich stories. The brewery is the first in the Netherlands to have a brand new Caspary brewing installation from Bavaria, Germany. The whole consists of 16 yeast / lager tanks: 7 of 60 hectoliters (HL), 4 of 40 HL and 4 of 20 HL. The capacity of the brewery is therefore approximately 8,500 HL per year. The installation is completely custom-built, with complex piping and semi-automatic machines. The storage and filling line is located in the adjacent building, to which a 50 meter long pipeline has been constructed. The beers are filled there in kegs and bottles and labeled with the correct label.


Finally, the sister company of Brouwerij Hoop, simpleHope Brewery called, on the north side of Dublin. Former Zaankanter Wim de Jongh is in charge there. The design and brewery set-up are the same, only naturally tailored to the specific questions of the Irish market and stories. Not only is there a lot of exchange in the (brewing) technical field, Hoop also has two Irishmen (Elton and John) walking around in the Zaanse brewery. They previously worked at the Dublin brewery.
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